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A litte more about Vickie, your kinky phone sex girl

I'm a 20-something girl from Cali who's now living in New York and going to school. It's expensive to live here in the city AND pay tuition! I was looking for part time jobs that would work with my school schedule and I found phonesex! I started in one of those cubicle phone sex factories, LOL, just like in that movie, you know, Girl6! I was one of the most popular & most requested phone sex girls in the place. I knew I could do better if I struck out on my own, so I found phone sex on the Internet, got myself a dot com and the rest, as they say, is history! I've had my very own kinky phone sex site for a few years now and I get to take my kinky calls in the privacy of my own bedroom! Sooooo much better than being in a phone sex factory cubicle, right?  I get to play on my calls and be comfortable and focused only on YOU the caller.

About Calling Vickie

I truly love having phone sex, I've been doing it since my very first boyfriend introduced me to the pleasures of sexy, secret, kinky phone sex back when....well, not too soon after we first met.  I consider myself so much more than a phone sex operator. I like to think of myself as a fantasy artist and fetish facilitator.  I enjoy both giving and receiving pleasure on my calls.  Your satisfaction is the most important thing to me!  I love men and I love getting to know my callers and giving them a very personal & intimate phone sex experience.  I will help you explore your kinks and fetishes.  I will help you relieve your stress and overcome your inhibitions.  I will go to those dark, disturbing, kinky taboo places if that's what you need and then I will help you journey back safely to the "real world", feeling refreshed, relieved and stress-free.

I welcome all fetishes and fantasies. 

I am open minded and won't judge your kink.

If you'd like to know more about the kinky phone sex fetishes that I enjoy, come inside and read my kinky phone sex blog or scroll wayyy down to the bottom of the page to click my recent topics.

If you'd like to bill your phone sex call call to a credit card, your card will be discreetly billed.  You will never be contacted after your call, except via email and ONLY with your permission.  It is SAFE to provide your credit card information on my site or over the phone. Confidentiality is honored.

If you have questions about how we handle your information or how payment works, please read our Terms of Service.

If you don't want to use your credit card to pay for your phone sex call, I have a home billing phone sex program you can take advantage of.  Or, you can buy a prepaid debit card or prepaid gift cards and use those just like a credit card.  I can give you more info on using gift cards for phone sex when you call me.

Time is sold in prepaid blocks.  The minimum call is ten minutes with no carryover of minutes.  You can pre-purchase 30 minute or 60 minute blocks which can be broken up into shorter phone sex calls. Details can be discussed over the phone.

How to have a better phone sex call

Get comfortable!

Get your toys, lube, pics, videos and whatever else you'd like to have handy for your phone sex call.

Use a phone that will let you hear your phone sex provider clearly and that also helps her hear you (and please you) better.

Let your provider know what kind of call you have in mind. Don't be shy!

Have your payment information ready before you call.

If you get a busy signal when you call my phone sex number, please wait about ten minutes before calling back.

Phone sex time is sold in prepaid blocks.  Be sure you purchase the right amount of time for the conversation you'd like to have with me.



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Enter Your Search Term
eg. Blond
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